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ASUS Eee PC 1005HA Review

The ASUS Eee PC 1005HA is ASUS’ update to their favorite Eee PC 1000HA, and continues the tradition of excellent netbooks. The 10.1" unit weighs in at only 2.8lbs, and at its lightest point is well under an inch thick. The keyboard was solid, the trackpad multitouch, Asus 15-100360301 Battery and the overall design glossy and stylish. Most important of all though, the battery life was impressive, even when compared against other netbooks. The internals are what you’d expect, with an Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz, 160GB HDD, and 1GB RAM. Are there enough features to justify picking it over netbooks with similar performance? Read on to find out.

Case Look and Feel

The 1005HA features ASUS’ “seashell” design, Asus S9N-0362210-CE1 Battery includes a fairly sharp taper from the wider back of the netbook to the thinner front. The entire machine is covered front and back in a bright gloss, with only the matte keys of the keyboard spared the shiny expense. It does look nice, but is exceptionally prone to fingerprints. The lid is all black except for a silver “Eee” emblazoned in the center and towards the top. The front of the display features the glossy screen surrounded by a somewhat thick black frame, the top of which houses the integrated webcam. The display is secured to the rest of the unit with two thick hinges, which extend along with the display below the keyboard to save space.
The Asus a32-u6 Battery glossless keyboard begins about an inch in from the top edge, and sits flush with the sides of the case. The top of the touchpad is flush to the keyboard and the touchpad buttons are flush to the bottom of the case, a clear space saving gesture. The overall look Asus 70-ndq1b2000 Battery is very smooth and all the status lights are subtle. The feel is solid as a whole, although the back of the netbook is a little heavier as a result of the taper.

Size & Weight

The Eee PC 1005HA is not the smallest or thinnest netbook on the market, but fares well on both counts. The weight of 2.8lbs felt very light and easy to carry. I actually carried the 1005HA in its protective sleeve inside the power cord pocket (instead of the power cord) of my standard 15” laptop case earlier today, and barely noticed the difference, even from a strictly visual perspective. With dimensions of 10.3 x 7 x 1.4 inches, but measuring only .89” at its thinnest point, there is little bulkiness to worry about.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The Asus f3ja Battery keyboard on the 1005HA is 92% of full sized, with a slightly “older fashioned” keyboard with keys spaced close together. Personally, while I like the way chiclets look and often how they type as well, I enjoyed the larger keys immensely while typing. I am always leery of a learning curve on some netbook keyboards (not to mention some full laptop keyboards), where the first few days are spent making numerous typos, but I was able to start typing normally on the 1005HA within the first day. ASUS Asus n20 Series Battery does a great job of keeping important keys such as shift, tab and backspace relatively close to full size. The up and down arrow keys are a little shrunken and house pg up/pg dn functions, but the left and right keys and home/end functions are generously sized, which made me happy since I use those keys quite frequently while typing. There is some flex in the keyboard, especially on the left side, and it’s a little noisy, but overall it is quite usable, and after typing this entire review on it I have no major complaints.
The touchpad Asus z92t Battery is dimpled to differentiate it from the glossy wristrest. Use was comfortable, and there was no sticking feeling after extended use. There is a single button beneath it which pivots right or left, and the button was responsive and quiet.

Display Quality

The resolution of 1024x600 Asus A42-M6 Battery is standard for netbooks nowadays, but unimpressive, as many netbooks are starting to come with a higher 1366x768 resolution. That said, the LED backlit display was sufficiently bright and had good horizontal viewing angles, although the vertical angles were not as good. The glossy display works well indoors where the full brightness can almost completely mask the glare in a well lit room – outdoors, the task is much harder, so be prepared for reflections.


The connectivity options on the EeePC 1005HA are fairly standard for the category, with the brightest spots being a full sized VGA port (which some other EeePCs lack), and 802.11n WiFi/Bluetooth. There are 3 USB ports and a card reader, but nothing else of significant note like HDMI. Unsurprisingly, there is no optical drive either. Since the back of the keyboard is thicker but the rear of the base is blocked by the hinged display, most of the ports are crowded towards the back of the unit.
The left Asus A4 Battery side features an exhaust, followed by a single USB port, VGA, and the small power jack.

The right side features a card reader in the front (the only thing that will fit), audio in/out, 2 more USB ports and Ethernet.

The tapered front features no ports, although it is home to the stereo speakers and most of the status lights. The back , as mentioned above, is completely obstructed by the display, and there are no ports.


One nice thing that the 1005HA has is removable parts, which make basic upgrades a cinch. The battery is removable, enabling one to downgrade to a lighter batter or possibly upgrade to a higher powered 3rd party battery. There is also an easily removed panel for RAM upgrades if you want to surpass the standard 1GB. Aside from that, netbook hardware is pretty much netbook hardware.


The Eee PC 1005HA Asus C90S Battery has a number of features that serve to make life a little easier for the user. Some of these are standard functions built into the keyboard, such as brightness up and down, volume up and down or mute, Wifi on/off and suspend. A more interesting feature built into the keyboard is ASUS’ “Super Hybrid Engine,” which allows one to quickly overclock/underclock the computer for the sake of battery life or performance. There is also a dedicated button for disabling the trackpad.
ASUS Asus F3JP Battery has also built some interesting software into the 1005HA. Most notable is the “Eee Docking software,” which is a somewhat customizable dock built into the top of the screen (though location is adjustable). It has 4 sections, the Eee Arena , Eee Sharing, Eee Xperience and Eee Tools. Each of these Asus L3800 Battery has quick links to a number of applications, including Data sync for syncing with another computer, Eee Storage to access your free 10GB online storage, music/media applications, and parental controls. All these and a few other programs are easily accessible from the start menu as well.


If there is Asus 90-ner1b2000y Battery one thing that netbook owners need to realize, it’s that they are not as powerful as fully fledged laptops, sporting low profile CPUs and integrated graphics. As such, we expected this netbook to stack up about as well as other netbooks, which is to say it would be competent at performing basic tasks, but wouldn’t impress us at all in any category except battery life. As you’ll see below Asus a42-v1 Battery , we weren’t surprised, except perhaps in that battery life impressed us even more than we thought it would. For a detailed explanation of our testing methods, see here: (http://www.laptoplogic.com/about/test/)
Windows Vista Experience Score
We were unable to test this score for obvious reasons – this computer runs Windows XP.
PCMark Vantage
    HP Pavilion HDX16 3320
    Sony VAIO FW270j 3235
    Samsung R610 3152
    Dell Studio 1537 2845
    ASUS Eee PC 1005HA 1585
The ASUS Eee PC drags well behind the competition here – but it’s not really a fair fight, as the Asus a8dc Battery 1005HA is the only netbook in the bunch. In some ways, this score is almost impressive, considering some of those notebooks have more than twice the firepower the 1005HA does.
Battery Performance – General Use (min)
    ASUS Eee PC 1005HA 370
    Dell Studio 1537 357
    Sony VAIO FW270j 181
    Samsung R610 157
    HP Pavilion HDX16 156
Now the tables have turned, Asus f3u Battery as the 1005HA, the only netbook in the bunch, far outpaces the competition. The only thing close is the Dell Studio 1537, which uses a 9-cell battery to achieve that score.

Battery Eater

The above test Asus u6ep Battery was in the course of regular use, in which WiFi was on and the computer was in average use. Battery Eater is a program with 2 more standardized tests, a “classic” test which renders a 3D image continuously for the duration of battery life, and a “reader” test which does the same but only displaying text. These numbers can effectively be used to determine a “minimum” and “maximum” lifespan for a battery.
Classic Result: 415 minutes

Real-Life Usage

In use, the 1005HA ran relatively cool, though this was in large part the result of a none too quiet fan. Still, on the whole, the netbook was everything one could expect. Asus z92t Battery is small and light enough to bring anywhere, and boasts an exceptional battery life so that you can leave the power cord at home, especially given the removable battery (though it should be noted the power cord is pleasantly small, so Asus Z35F Battery wouldn’t be too bad to take it if needed to). The design is sleek and the keyboard is very usable. It is a netbook, so high end performance tasks being out of the question was no surprise, and it ran day to day text editing and web browsing without problems. It’s important to note that I am a tab junkie, and even with (gulp) 13 tabs open in FireFox 3.5, including one playing music, there is little to no slowdown (though I don’t recommend leaving that many tabs open for long).


In a netbook, the hardware specs aren’t going to dazzle you,Asus Z92VM Battery and the 1005HA’s Intel Atom N280 1.66GHz CPU, 1GB RAM and 160GB HDD are just about par for the course. What you want from a netbook is portability, and as far as size and weight the 2.8lb Eee PC 1005HA gives you that as well as most other netbooks do. As far as Asus l3800d Battery life, the 1005HA delivers an impressively lifetime, lasting over 6 hours in active use. Thanks to the removable battery, purchasing a single extra battery can guarantee all day use to even the most deep power users. The keyboard and trackpad leave little to complain about, and a set of nice software features makes general use that much easier. As a netbook, Asus f3jv Battery won’t do for real gamers or people who want to watch HD video, and anyone reading this who thinks it will be as good as a regular laptop computer at either of those tasks is in store for disappointment. But for anyone looking to do text editing and web browsing on a highly portable computer with excellent battery life, the 1005HA would be a great choice.Asus Eee Pc 1005ha-eu1x-Bk Battery And at the new $299 price point, you won’t find many Fujitsu FPCBP63 Batterycomputers offering higher value. If you’re in the market for a new netbook, we recommend the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA.

Acer Aspire 5720z Gemstone Laptop

The Acer Aspire 5720z Gemstone Blue Laptop is powered by 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T2390 featuring 2 MB L2 cache, 800 MHz FSB, Intel 965GML express chipset mainboard,6 cell laptop batteries, 2-GB  of DDR2 667 MHz SDRAM (upgradeable to 4 GB using two soDIMM modules), 250-GB 5400 rpm SATA hard disk drive and 8X Super Multi Dual Layer (8.5 GB) DVD Writer.

Weighing about 3.0 kg with power pack the Acer Aspire 5720Z Gemstone laptop PC Acer Btp-550p Battery is equipped with 15.4-inch (39.1 cm) WXGA Widescreen Acer CrystalBrite TFT LCD display with high brightness 200nits, and 16ms response time, powered by integrated integrated 3D graphics, Intel Graphics Media Accelelerator GMA 950 graphics chipset with upto 358-MB shared video memory with Intel Dynamic Video Memory v4.0 technology supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0 offering uttermost of 1280 x 800 pixel screen resolution in 16.7 million colors at 16:9 aspect ratio.

Sophisticated looking new Acer um08a72 Battery Acer Aspire 5720Z Gemstone laptop sports a new design with eye-catching features like the multi-layered, shimmering 3D finish, contrasting textures, a chic blue, black and silver colour scheme, and interior/exterior lighting effects.

The Acer Aspire 5720Z Gemstone laptop is equipped with integrated Intel PRO/Wireless 3945BG network connection offering dual-mode 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN connection. In addition, it also comes with integrated 10/100 mbps Ethernet LAN card for wired networking, integrated 56 kbps v.92 fax/modem. The Gemstone Blue notebook also offers internal Bluetooth v2.0+EDR (enhanced data rate) wireless connection.

Acer Aspire 5720Z also sports built-in Acer OrbiCam VGA resolution CMOS webcam and internal microphone providing easy video conferencing option via VoIP and video Instant Messenger chats. The Acer Crystal Eye webcam supports enhanced Acer PrimaLiteT technology for superior low-light performance.

The Acer Aspire 5720Z laptop PC and Acer Aspire 1452lmi Battery comes equipped with two built-in Acer 3DSonic stereo speakers and two built-in Stereo Microphone. The laptop also sports Acer’s eAudio Management suite which allows one to optimize listening experience for movies, music or games. Easy-launch buttons offer one-touch access to important features.

Linux preinstalled Aspire 5720Z and Acer Aspire 2010lmi Battery is equipped with Intel High Definition audio and feature built-in Acer 3DSonic stereo speakers with Dolby Surround sound system and Built-in omnidirectional microphone.

The Acer Aspire 5720Z Gemstone laptop comes with Linux preinstalled and offers several software on CDROM including Acer Empowering Technology – Acer eNet, ePower, eAudio, ePresentation, eDataSecurity, eLock, eRecovery, eSettings Management, Acer Arcade featuring Acer HomeMedia, Acer Crystal Eye, Acer GridVista, Acer Launch Manager, Acer Video Conference Manager, NTI CD-Maker and Acer GameZone.

The ExpressCard/54 slot offered by Acer Aspire 5720Z Gemstone laptop and Acer um08b31 Battery is the perfect outlet for expansion of storage, multimedia, communication and other products.

Acer Aspire 5720Z Gemstone laptop comes with Linux preinstalled. A first time non-tache buyer would find it touch to upgrade the linux version for enhanced functionality. Windows XP would suit most of non-techie users to start with.

Some other features of Acer Aspire 5720Z Gemstone laptop and Acer ASPIRE 5335 Battery includes Type II PC Card slot, S-video TV out, Intel High Definition audio with 2 built-in Acer 3DSonic stereo speakers and Built-in omnidirectional microphone.

Acer Aspire 5720Z laptop and Acer TRAVELMATE 4020WLMI Battery also features embedded 5-in-1 Media Card Reader which supports Secure Digital (SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC), Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick PRO (MS PRO), xD-Picture Card (xD).

The Acer Aspire 5720Z Gemstone laptop comes with 44.6W 4000 mAh Li-ion 6-cell battery pack which offers upto 2.5 hours battery life. Acer QuicCharge technology enables 80% charge in 1 hour or 2-hour rapid charge system-off. The Acer Acer Travelmate c111ti Battery ePowerManagement lets user to choose the power management setting to extend the battery time.

I/O Ports

  3 x Hi-Speed USB v2.0 – 4 pin USB Type A

  ExpressCard/54 Slot

  Consumer infrared (CIR) port

  External display / video – VGA – 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)

  PC Card slot (Type II)
  S-video/TV-out (NTSC/PAL) port

  Line-in/microphone – mini-phone 3.5 mm

  Audio line-out/headphones – mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm

  Audio line-in – mini-phone 3.5 mm
  RJ-11 modem/fax/tel line

  Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX – RJ-45

  5-in-1 card reader (SD, MMC, MS, MS PRO, xD)

Acer Aspire 5720Z Gemstone Blue Laptop Specifications:

  Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T2390, 1.86 GHz speed
  2-GB DDR II SDRAM, 667 MHz (max 4-GB)

  250-GB Serial-ATA hard disk drive, 5400rpm

  8X Super Multi Dual Layer (8.5 GB) DVD Writer.
  2 MB L2 Cache, 800 MHz FSB

  Intel 965GML Express chipset motherboard with integrated 3D graphics

Display & Graphic

  15.4-inch (39.1 cm ) WXGA TFT LCD with Acer CrystalBrite Technology, high brightness 200nits

  Intel Graphics Media Accelelerator GMA 950 graphics chipset with upto 358-MB shared video RAM, Intel Dynamic Video Memory v4.0 technology supporting Microsoft DirectX 9.0, 16.7 Million Colors

  1280 x 800 pixels screen resolution in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio

Network & Communication

10/100/1000 mbps Ethernet LAN Card

  56kbps v.92 fax/modem

  Integrated Bluetooth v2.0+EDR Wireless connection
  Intel PRO/Wireless 3945BG WiFi 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN connection

Other Features

  Two built-in Acer 3DSonic stereo speakers, Dolby Surround Sound

  Acer OrbiCam VGA resolution Crystal Eye CMOS WebCam

  Built-in Microphone

  Dimension: WxDxH – 364 x 270.2 x 30.8 mm (back)

  5-in-1 card reader, supporting Secure Digital (SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC), Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick PRO (MS PRO), xD-Picture Card (xD)

  Type II PC Card slot

  AC/MC 97 soundcard and modem

  44.6W 4800 mAh Li-ion 6-cell battery pack, 2.5 hrs backup

  Linux OS (preinstalled)
  Weight: 3.0 Kgs with 6-cell battery pack

Price and Availability

Acer Aspire 5720Z Gemstone laptop and Acer Bt.a1405.001 Battery powered by Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T2390 and featuring 15.4-inch display, fingerint reader is available in India for the price of Rs. 37,599 with one year limited local and International Traveller’s (Carry-in) Warranty. Visit www.acer.co.in for more details.

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Toshiba T135 computer Review

Ultra-Low Voltage notebooks are bugging out up everywhere. They're thin, light, inexpensive, and getting stronger by the day. Does the powerful range of processor options, high RAM capacity, Toshiba pa3291u-1brs Battery and sleek design of the Toshiba T135 help it stand out from the rest? Read on and we'll answer those questions for you.
Looking and Feeling
At first glance, the ‘Nova Red Fusion Finish’ is pleasing to the eye. The Toshiba pa3356u-1brs Battery T135 is also shaped well, and is lightweight. On a show-room floor, this would certainly stand out, and in the ULV category, this can be important as functioning isn’t expected to vary too much from one make to the next. There was next to no keyboard flex observed during usage, which seems a bit surprising considered how thin the T135 is. The high gloss cover for the lid isn’t as difficult to keep clean with the deep coloring. The largest disappointment would probably be the single mouse key for the track pad. Given, it’s wide enough to easily distinguish left from fight clicking, but it still doesn’t seem like a feature that helps the design.
The T135 also lacks secondary touch pad options, reserving any brightness, volume, and peripheral control through function keys. While this may not be a design flaw, there is some special space above the keyboard that could've filled that function.
With a good processor and ample RAM for a notebook of its class, the Toshiba pa3399u-2bas Battery T135 can perform very well for the price tag. When used for word processing and browsing with its robust Wi-Fi setup, the mobility offered with its size and weight prove to be excellent factors when considering its bargain potential. Nevertheless, lacking an optical drive is certainly a weakness that can’t be forgotten. Other notebooks in this class have DVD drives, and while the main medium used will probably be digital, it doesn’t hurt to have a simple DVD writer.
The vibration detector for the hard drive, Toshiba pa3479u-1brs Battery while useful, activates frequently. Simply repositioning the notebook has a very good chance of setting off the warning window, and even an accidental kick on the table the notebook is sitting on could set it off. This seems excessive, but simply turning it off defeats the purpose. The audio is also disturbingly low in volume. The Toshiba pa3734u-1brs Battery quality of something as sound may not be the most important feature of a notebook computer, but you shouldn't have to strain your ears while browsing and watching video. Were the volume not so dismally low for the entire system, it wouldn’t worth observing.
Possessing the power that the system does, the T135 Toshiba pa3285u-1brs Battery is a good value if you're in the market for a light, mobile platform for word processing, e-mail, and browsing. The wireless functions are far reaching and strong, and the notebook’s design is slim with a long electric battery life. Lacking an optical drive is a letdown, and the low output speakers diminishes some of the T135’s uses. The exterior design is pleasing, and with Windows 7 64-bit as the stock OS, the entire laptop is built for looks, it seems. As one of their first entries into the smaller ULV category, Toshiba delivers a mostly qualified choice at an affordable price.

Monday, November 2, 2009

hp ProBook 4411s Laptop Review

HP ProBook S as the latest business notebook products, technology, using a variety of reliable, secure technology to ensure the stable operation of the computer and protect user data security. Hewlett-Packard ProBook 4411s battery (HP 336962-001) is one of a targeted 14-inch business notebook, the body uses piano material, makes the machine appear to lose in steady fashion. Configuration using Intel Core 2 T6670 dual-core processor, based on the Centrino 2 platform, Intel PM45 + ICH9M motherboard chipset, ATI HD4330 graphics card, 2G RAM and 320G hard drive standard, enough to meet the business people usually work and leisure entertainment needs.
Hewlett-Packard ProBook 4411s (Hp 337607-001) is a typical business model, the entire body mainly black lines and sharp, steady low-key fashion outlines simple appearance. The introduction of the mirror painting designs, making this business-type books Jinxian fashion element. The aircraft's rotor design is still the most adept at hp 337607-002 is the most common type shaft sinking, and the machine used to open and close at the buckle-free design, shaft damping is moderate, with one hand can be very smooth and open the screen. The screen area is used by 14-inch 16:9 ratio LED backlit wide-screen resolution of 1366x768. Machine weight 2.27KG, portability is good.
Configuration, HP ProBook 4411s (Hp 337607-003) using Intel Core2 Duo T6670 dual-core processor with speeds up to 2.2GHz, FSB 800MHz. Based on Centrino 2 platform, Intel PM45 + ICH9M motherboard chipset, powered by ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 discrete graphics, excellent performance. Storage, comes standard with 2GB DDR2 800 memory and a 320GB 7200 switch to SATA hard drives, the overall configuration is quite good.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

why SONY Notebook VGN-BX series speakers do not work ?

     1 Please make sure your speakers are properly connected, and the volume has been raised to the level sufficient to hear the sound.
     2 Dell Latitude D820 Battery of the speakers you may not be used for computer design.
     3 If the speakers have a mute button, please set it to shut down.
     4 If the speakers have a volume control, make sure to have enough volume to hear the sound level.
     5 If there is audio cable to connect to the headphone jack, disconnect the cable connection, the use of loudspeakers attached to the speaker cable.
     6 If you are using Hp Pavilion Dv8000 Battery power, make sure that the battery is installed correctly and have sufficient power.
     7 If the speakers require external Dell Latitude d800 Battery power, make sure your speakers are connected to the power supply. For more information, please see the speakers attached to the manual.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

HP DV3 Notebook Review

Hewlett-Packard dv3 has a beautiful appearance, such as a magnificent yacht, so that we could not resist the impulse to grasp. HP's unique Imprint Imprint Printing technology, the arts, to give it the elegant appearance of the full. Flashes of inspiration, whether black or silver white yarn Dancer, Smart elegant show to highlight the extraordinary character and temperament. Its unique anti-corrosion wear resistance of the fuselage made of durable dressed, the good old.

Not only the appearance of China and the United States, dv3 13.3-inch tall golden ratio, a better than 14-inch thin portable Hp F2024B, but at the same time retain the same superior performance in order to optimize the size and weight, so that you can take it to the enjoy a leisurely summer beach music. 16:9 high-definition LED screen protection boundless panorama to show the proportion of the best high-definition visual experience bring comfort not only to avoid a result of the traditional 16:10 ugly black and more environmental protection and energy saving, HP PAVILION DV6000 SERIES Battery. And unique LED light-emitting technologies, energy-efficient than ordinary LCD around 40 percent, but more bright vivid colors with a colorful summer dv3 to appreciate the large, sweeping to reach the screen.

Hewlett-Packard dv3 once set foot on the charm of unlimited sailing ship, our Hp f2019a will be a comprehensive display of passion. Exceptional application of its entertainment features, shock of all of our senses. dv3 mainstream use of high-end Intel Core 2 Duo processor and the latest generation of NVIDIA GeForce 105M 512M graphics card, in the interpretation of high-definition movies and video games, whether static or dynamic images, are now completed defibrase cents, lifelike, Let the person as Habitat.

Audio blue and otter, high number of first-class entertainment photographic camera configuration, but also all aspects of our sensory pleasure, so that waves colorful sailing trip. hp omnibook xt6200 battery MediaSmart entertainment platform that can carry out a variety of convenient one-touch entertainment operations, in the Mini with a remote control, whether large watch, listening to music or browse photos, light point fingers, you can easily achieve. Muvee HP's unique software allows users to the need for a complex and professional editors, they can produce their own movies and slide shows without numerous professional operation, only the joy of self-creation. And integrated high-sensitive camera,HP F4809A, omni-directional digital microphone, while video call, video chat applications, such as popular a clean sweep.

ASUS K40IN Laptop Review

Now the notebook has the processing performance to fully meet the user's day-to-day office, learning needs, and entertainment notebook performance become an important factor in consumer choice. K40IN of 14.0 inches a 16:9 ratio widescreen LED backlight, the first with the latest NVIDIA GeForce G102M GPU (graphics processor), 512MB of independent video memory, whether mainstream or high-definition video games to run smoothly. Particularly in the audio system design, ASUS introduced the first SRS surround sound system, and with high quality Altec Lansing speakers, so that from this K40IN sound reduction, let the sound clarity and noise reduction, etc.,Asus Eeepc 1000 battery are excellent on ordinary stereo playback, to provide users with the best all-round quality. Altec Lansing Speaker in use on the basis of the Open SRS audio restoration software, can immediately feel like home theater surround K40IN auditory feast.

Internal configuration, K40IN using Intel Core 2 T6500 processor, 1GB memory, powerful combination allows users to multi-task processing can be fast and stable experience. With a 250GB hard drive, users can load more software, more extensive personal data may be stored.
Young users, the EEE PC 701 Battery design easy-to-use operation is in line with its hearty personality of the character groups. Used K40IN Germany won the 2009 Red Dot Award pulp bending new ergonomic keyboard design, the user will not only facilitate the rapid and accurate input, and a compact keyboard can keep the keyboard clean inside. In the information security protection, K40IN equipped with face recognition technology. Video liaison, K40IN equipped with a 1.3 million pixel camera, 802.11n wireless LAN, communication is very comfortable.

EEE PC 900 battery in the market area of 14.0 inches, the unique design of the heat in the summer K40IN ASUS won extensive attention of consumers. The world's first show with the latest generation of NVIDIA core and a wealth of entertainment features design, audio and video for those fans, games lunatics, the attraction is also everywhere. Ethnic students and the workplace can be the focus of a new feature of this EEE PC 701 battery to consider.
Recommended configuration:
14.0 inches widescreen 16:9 LED Backlight / Intel reg; Core 2 Duo processor T6500/250GB/1GB/NVIDIA G 102M, 512MB independent video / DVD SuperMulti/130 megapixel camera / 802.11n/Vista Basic operating system,6 cell Asus Laptop battery.